Importing Flight plans into the G1000

Importing Flight Plans into the G1000

Instructions for importing Flight Plans into the G1000 (with routing information).

Create the .FPL file:

1) Go to
2) Click “Flight Plan” in the top left corner
3) Enter your proposed flight plan and routing
4) Click the “Send Plan to Icon” (to the right of the save icon)
5) Click “.FPL” option on the left of the popup
6) Click “Download Garmin .fpl file”
7) Save the file to your SD Card (max size card is 8 GB)

Import FPL into the G1000

In the Aircraft: Turn on Avionics bus 1 & 2:

1) Insert the SD card containing the flight plan in the top card slot on the MFD.
2) Press the FPL Key to display the Active Flight Plan Page on the MFD.
3) Turn the small FMS Knob to select the Flight Plan Catalog Page.
4) Press the FMS Knob to activate the cursor.
5) Turn either FMS Knob to highlight an empty or existing flight plan.
6) Press the IMPORT Softkey; or press the MENU Key, select “Import Flight Plan”, and press the ENT Key.
If an empty slot is selected, a list of the available flight plans on the SD card will be displayed.


If an existing flight plan is selected, an “Overwrite existing flight plan? OK or CANCEL” prompt is displayed.
Press the ENT Key to choose to overwrite the selected flight plan and see the list of available flight plans on the SD card. If overwriting the existing flight plan is not desired, select “CANCEL” using the FMS Knob, press the ENT Key, select another flight plan slot, and press the IMPORT Softkey again.
7) Turn the small FMS Knob to highlight the desired flight plan for importing.
8) Press the ENT Key to initiate the import.
9) Press the ENT Key again to confirm the import.
10) remove the SD card from the top card slot.