OCS Cadet Policy


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  1. If available, a cadet shall stand by the main entrance door between 1815 and 1830 to assist those arriving who do not have access to the building.
  2. All cadets shall use proper protocol when entering and exiting the office. Cadets are to knock on the doorframe, wait for a senior member to allow them in, and respectfully address the person with whom they wish to speak. If a cadet is sent to the office to speak with a senior, proper reporting should take place.
  3. When passing a senior member or cadet officer, all cadets shall use proper greetings.
  4. When outside, all cadets shall salute cadet officers and senior members. When in groups of three or more, only the highest ranking cadet or the cadet leading the group will salute.
  5. Plain tan t-shirts shall be worn with the ABU uniform. Shirts may have a wing approved logo on them (i.e. encampment shirts).
  6. When rolling sleeves on the ABU uniform, sleeves are to remain down until sleeves up is announced by the cadet commander, at which point they are to remain rolled until sleeves down is announced by the cadet commander.
  7. In the PT uniform, tan shirts or CAP related shirts are preferred, but NOT mandatory.
  8. If the cadet does not have the uniform of the week, that cadet shall wear:
    1. Leadership/promotion night – Slacks and a nice shirt
    2. Aerospace Night – Slacks and a nice shirt
    3. ES Night – Clothes appropriate for outdoor use
  9.  When wearing the Air Force style blues uniform, cadet command staff and flight commanders may wear the USAF/CAP service coat. Other cadet staff may wear the USAF short sleeve shirt with a tie if possible. All other cadets may wear only the short sleeve shirt. All cadets may wear the USAF/CAP service coat or the short sleeve blues shirt during the annual squadron dining out.
  10. During the five-minute break allowed between classes, cadets are allowed to mingle, while keeping noise to a minimum, visit the restroom, or get a drink of water.
  11. Cadet staff meetings will be from 1815-1825 and 2035-2045.
  12. All cadets are expected to depart the OCS squadron premises by 2100. If a ride has not arrived, the cadet must inform a Senior Member.
  13. Each type of uniform shall be inspected at least once per month.
  14. Drill tests must be accompanied by a Senior Member. Drill tests must be pre-arranged at least one day in advance of the meeting.
  15. Flights shall have a cadet trained as the guidon bearer. When possible, each flight shall use a guidon during formations.
  16. Flights may make their own guidons, however, the Deputy Commander for Cadets must approve them.
  17. Each element shall perform recall weekly, and send the responses up the chain of command by Friday evening if possible. Flight commanders shall forward recall responses up the chain of command by Sunday evening if possible.
  18. PT tests will be administered once every three months. If a cadet requires a PT test on a night when the PT test will not be administered, that cadet must contact the cadet commander and senior staff at least one day in advance of the meeting to schedule a test.

Cadet Commander­­­­­­:  Nathan Ireland, C/LtCol. CAP

Deputy Commander for Cadets: Steve Moffitt, Lt. CAP

Squadron Commander: Jason Ferguson, Maj. CAP

Date: 12 October 2021