OCS Cadets Participate in Squadron UTM

OCS Cadets enjoyed an afternoon of training outdoors as part of the Unit Training Mission planned by their cadet leaders.

The Omaha Composite squadron hosted a Unit Training Mission for its cadet members during the second weekend in May.  Cadets were trained in basic compass and distance navigation, building shelters, and caring for injuries in the field.  The cadets learned to work as a team and were led in training by Cadet Commander, C/Capt. Austin Henry and Cadet Deputy Commander, C/Capt. Matthew Norrie.

Cadets use tarps to build an improvised shelter.

Basic CAP ORM (Organizational Risk Management) practices were in effect at all times, and cadets were allowed to put their training into practice by taking charge of several scenarios after being provided with simple, basic instructions to achieve a predetermined goal.

Omaha Composite Squadron UTM organizers debrief the cadets on the days activities and lessons learned.

The skills learned during the UTM will be used to help the cadets advance towards their Ground Team Member Ratings and eventually, achieve the rating of Ground Team Leaders, which provide real world expertise during CAP Search and Rescue Missions.

Cadets learn to improvise a litter to carry a “victim” to safety.

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