OCS Visits Omaha’s Eppley Airfield ATC Tower

On April 21st, 2014, the Omaha Composite Squadron paid a visit to Omaha’s Eppley Airfield Air Traffic Control Tower.  Mr. Perry Grell, KOMA ATC Manager,  graciously accommodated a contingent of thirty members from the squadron who made the trip across town.  Mr. Grell gave a presentation on safe operations in Omaha’s airport and controlled airspace, as well as the many details involved in dispatching aircraft to and from the terminal and coordinating between clearance Delivery, Ground Control, Tower and Departure/Arrival.  He also gave details to the cadets on pursuing a career as an Air Traffic Controller and the various options for pursuing such a career, and the amount of supervised on the job training required after arriving at the Omaha ATC facility due to the complexity of the operations conducted in the area.

Mr. Perry Grell, KOMA ATC Manager, speaks to members of the Omaha Composite Squadron regarding Airport Operations in the Omaha area.

Following the presentation, Mr. Grell escorted small groups of cadets and seniors to the Tower so they could view the live operations in person.  A couple of members of the ATC staff fielded questions from the other Cadets as members awaited the return of the previous group from the Control Tower.

Cadets listen attentively during the ATC presentation.

Cadets and Seniors (several of them pilots) gained valuable information regarding ATC operations during the tour.

The Omaha Composite Squadron would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Perry Grell and his staff for taking time from their valuable schedule in order to provide cadets with valuable insight into one of the aspects of aviation which few individuals get to fully comprehend and appreciate.  The information that was presented will give them a greater understanding of the many tasks involved in flight as they progress in their aerospace education with Civil Air Patrol.

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