OCS crews help with Low Level Route Surveys

During the Month of August, the SD Civil Air Patrol approached the Nebraska Wing for assistance in flying the Low Level Route Surveys for several of the Military Operating Areas and Training Routes that the South Dakota Air National Guard uses for training purposes. Crews from various units in Eastern Nebraska, including the Omaha Composite Squadron, were briefed on the mission to locate any new towers or structures that have appeared in the area over the past year. Using GPS equipped cameras and GPS loggers, crews flew the predetermined routes, plotted, photographed and logged the details of every new tower, feedlot, confinement area, etc that could be a potential noise sensitive area or hazard to flying in general. This information is used to update the FAA charts, as well as the military charts used for training purposes.   Among one of the most useful skills developed during the flights, was the ability to transfer flight plans from crewmembers’ mobile apps into the G1000 system in the aircraft, which provided a critical timesaving tool for future flights.

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