OCS Color Guard Presents the Colors at the College World Series

By SM Marcia Moran

Omaha Composite Squadron’s Color Guard presents the colors at the 2015 College World Series

The Omaha Composite Squadron Color Guard had the honor of presenting the colors at the nationally televised College World Series on June 19, 2015 in downtown Omaha.   Just before the first pitch, the Color Guard marched onto the field and took their place along the third base line. Under the command of C/CMSgt Elizabeth Nelson, the colors were presented expertly while two local ladies sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. The Color Guard then smartly marched off the field and was left to enjoy the ballgame.

C/2dLt. Sarvis, C/CMSgt. Nelson, C/SSgt Moran and C/SrA Matya practice prior to the main event.

The Virginia Cavaliers and Florida Gators were there to play game 11, but the Color Guard was there to honor our country. The cadets of the Color Guard consist of C/CMSgt Elizabeth Nelson (American Flag and Commander), C/SSgt Bryce Moran (State Flag), C/2dLt Ty Sarvis (Lead Guard), and C/SrA Gregory Matya (Rear Guard). They did an outstanding job, as their dedication and hard work paid off to perform such a patriotic duty.   Job well done and the Omaha Composite Squadron is very proud of these outstanding cadets.

The scoreboard shows a view of the Nationally Televised event.

OCS Color Guard departs after the National Anthem.

The American flag was proudly carried by C/CMSgt. Elizabeth Nelson








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