OCS Cadets Receive VFW Awards

On June 1st, 2015, two outstanding OCS cadets received awards from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

A VFW themed cake was brought in for a reception following the ceremony.

Congratulations to C/2dLt Ty Sarvis and C/SSgt Bryce Moran for receiving the VFW Cadet Officer and Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer “Cadet of the Year” respectively. Larry Gerlt of the VFW 2704 presented both cadets with a citation certificate recognizing each for their outstanding achievement and exceptional leadership ability. In addition to the certificate, both received a ribbon and medal. Job well done! The Omaha Composite Squadron is very proud of you.

C/2dLt Sarvis Receives the VFW Cadet Officer of the Year Award

C/SSgt. Moran receive the VFW Non-Commissioned Cadet of the Year award

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