OCS distributes Poppies for American Legion

Again this year, the Omaha Composite Squadron came out in force to help out the American Legion on its annual Poppies for Veterans on Armed Forces Day, May 16, 2015.  Ten Cadets and Three Seniors were in attendance, helping the American Legion distribute Poppies and collect donations that will go to help our Veterans’ Welfare Fund for programs to help with rehabilitation efforts of veterans and assistance for active duty men and women.

OCS Cadets volunteer with the American Legion on Armed Forces Day

Cadets and Seniors arrived at 0800 sharp and began offering people Poppies to wear in honor of American Veterans.  In all, the squadron helped collect nearly $1000 in 6 hours before we ran out of Poppies.  This was by far the largest amount we have ever collected for the American Legion.

Several individuals recognized the CAP uniforms readily, and engaged the cadets in conversation, sharing their past experiences and adventures when they were members.  Among them was the 1972 NCR Region Commander, who was generous enough to pose with the squadron members for a brief photo.

The 1972 North Central Region Commander happened to stop by and shared experiences with the cadets about his time in CAP.

We look forward to assisting the American Legion in their efforts in the years to come.

American Legion Certificate of Recognition 2015


Letter of Appreciation

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