OCS Cadets with news anchor Rob McCartney

The Omaha Composite Squadron was invited to the KETV news station on February 16, 2015. Cadets were able to watch a live broadcast of the 6pm news featuring news anchors Brandi Peterson and Rob McCartney, son of the OCS’s Deputy

Cadets and guests observe a live news broadcast.

Commander Lt Col Robert McCartney. It was exciting to see the live show and equally exciting to see all the behind the scenes work involved in putting the 30 minute program on. Everything was choreographed with the camera men and producers, live feeds, and even the commercial breaks!

Everyone learns the sequence of the news broadcast.

The cadets had time for questions and answers with the crew, as well as sitting in the anchor chairs, but the fun came when the news was over and the cadets entertained themselves with the infamous green screen! They pretended to do the weather forecast, and learned how to make their bodies disappear using a green cloth in front of the green screen. This presented some very funny moments of dancing, floating heads and two-headed bodies!

Brandi Peterson’s live broadcast of the evening news.

Capt. David Lewis tries his turn at being a meteorologist.

Cadets forecast for Tuesday: COLD…







Cadets also visited the control room where pre-recorded news segments from the field are fed into the live broadcast, and learned how the commercial segments are coordinated from another city hundreds of miles away.


Floating head in the forecast

The green screen that makes the weather forecast possible.

Prior to leaving the studio, the cadets presented KETV with an appreciation gift for this great opportunity. Thank you to all that were involved for your time and hospitality, and for sharing this experience with the Omaha Composite Squadron.

Future evening news anchors?


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