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Pilot Onboarding (CAPP 70-12)

This pamphlet is written to serve as a consolidated source of general corporate knowledge for new CAP Pilots. The Pilot Onboarding pamphlet is provided to help transition new members quickly and efficiently from member to pilot. This guide is composed of self-study material and provides mentors baseline tools to determine how best to proceed in moving towards the Initial CAP Pilot Flight Evaluation, commonly referred to as a “Form 5” – which is the name of the form used to record results (e.g., CAPF 5).

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Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the Official Air Force Auxiliary charged with three missions:

  • Emergency Services – for over 50 years CAP has been the primary tool for the Air Force to conduct inland search and rescue for downed aircraft in the continental United States.  Over the past few years CAP’s mission has evolved to include support of emergency situations for municipal, state, and federal agencies. Nationally CAP has responded to September 11th, Katrina, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Most recently the Omaha Composite Squadron provided support to FEMA during the 2011 flood of the Missouri River, flying over 60 missions to gather areal photos of the damage. Civil Air Patrol accomplishes its mission using air crew, ground crew, and command staff. Here are some videos that may better explain our emergency services mission:
 CNN story about CAP

How CAP supported efforts in the Gulf of Mexico:

  •  Aerospace Education – CAP provides aerospace education to it members (both senior and cadets) and to the public. The goal is to explain the value of general aviation and allow young students to apply  math and science in the classroom and in the field. All senior member receive great exposure to aviation regardless of their certification as a pilot from the FAA.
  •  Cadet Programs – CAP provides a youth program to young adults ages 12 – 18 years old. The goal of this program is to expose youth to the aviation industry and to educate them about the role of the Air Force and military aviation. There is no obligation for cadets to join the military at any time. Support of this program as a Senior member is completely voluntary.

Below is a video that may demonstrate how out three mission come together for CAP:

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