Join as a Senior

Step 1: Come and visit us!

Check our calendar for the next meeting. We usually meet on the first and third Monday of each month at 7PM. When you visit we will provide information about CAP and our squadron, and introduce you to our members. We will try to find out why you are interested in CAP and find resources that will help you reach your goals.

Step 2: Make sure CAP is for you.

We would like each new member to attend at least 3 meetings before submitting an application. We would like to you to see what we do and the level of commitment our members demonstrate. If after three meeting you feel CAP is how you would like to volunteer your time we will help you complete the application.

Step 3: Complete application for membership:

The application for membership is quite simple. It is two pages of basic information. Additionally you will be given a fingerprint card to be completed by the Nebraska State Patrol for the background check required for every senior member. You will send the application form with the commanding officer’s signature, the completed finger print card and a check for $70 to National Headquarters for processing.

Step 4: Receive your official ID card:

You will receive a CAP ID card with your new CAP ID number, and a CAP binder with basic information about uniforms and professional development. You have now become an official member of CAP.

Step 5: Order your uniform:

We suggest the CAP golf short as your first uniform. This is the cheapest and simplest uniform authorized to be used by all senior members. If you desire to wear Air Force style uniforms we will work with you to provide some articles from our uniform supply to help defray the costs.

Step 6: Be assigned a mentor:

Based on your intrests and your reason for joining the squadron will assign a senior member as your mentor. This person will help you navigate through the information about CAP and help you complete your initial training requirements.

Step 7: Complete Level I training:

You will need to complete Level I training. This will include training on subjects such as cadet protect, operational security, and CAP history. This usually takes about 4 hours to complete.

Step 8: Enjoy CAP:

With your new CAP ID, a CAP uniform, and Level I completed you are ready to fully participate. You will start to decide if you would like to work as ground crew or air crew in emergency situations, and what duties you would like to perform in supporting the daily activities of the unit. Your mentor will help you get started with this process.

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