Life in CAP

What will your life be like in CAP? Hopefully more fulfilling!

We are a volunteer organization, which means you will get out of CAP what you put into it. Although there is absolutly no military obligation at any time for any member we do have training requirements members must complete to be able to participate in exercises and real missions. This training is usually short, requiring no more than a few hours with another qualified member and some on-line tests. Examples of these requirements can include understanding how to operate the radio in the aircraft, or how to complete an after action report.

Normally Nebraska CAP conducts Search and Rescue Exercises (SAREX) once a month that last from 2 to 8 hours. These are completely voluntary and are never required.

Outside of SAREXs our squadron meets twice a month (first and third Monday of every month) for 2 hours. During these these meetings we will conduct normal squadron business (promotions, awards, announcements, etc.) and conduct recurring practical and classroom training for members. Our training can include subjects such as:

  • Aerial Navigation
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Mission Photography
  • Ground Team Communications
  • And more…

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