Cadet Members (12 – 18 years old)

“The Cadet Program has changed my life for the better. Within Civil Air Patrol I have found confidence, passion and a strive to do better in everything I do. When I first joined Civil Air Patrol I was quiet, did not like to get up in front of people, and did not want to be in charge. I also had no major interest in science, engineering, technology, or aerospace. I am now able to take charge of a group and lead them to complete a given task.  I am comfortable giving lessons and am pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering.” — 2012 IACE Cadet Applicant

Today’s cadets are tomorrow’s aerospace leaders. Through its Cadet Program, Civil Air Patrol transforms youth aged 12 to 18 into responsible citizens.

CAP is the volunteer, non-profit auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Its three missions are to develop its cadets, educate Americans on the importance of aviation and space, and perform live-saving humanitarian missions.

Parents’ Guide to the CAP Cadet Program and Today’s Cadets:



Cadet Orientation Rides: