Emergency Services

Greetings Cadets,

As part of the Cadet Program, you will be able to participate in Search and Rescue Exercises (SAR-EX) throughout the year.   This is one of the most fun-filled and educational activities that you will have a chance to participate in, as you gain experience and train to become a qualified Ground Team Member.
Ground operations are also a critical function to CAP’s mission operations.  Without Ground Teams, there can be no rescue in SAR.  The following training is used to train our ground operations personnel.  Click on the link to access the task guide which is used to explain the required proficiency skills for each item in your SQTR:
Ground and Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks 
GES 116
Before you can participate in a SAR-EX, you will need to take the General Emergency Services test online, which is open book and has no time limit.   Passing score is 72%.  The study material is online at the same location as the test.  You will be required to login to eServices.  Once you pass this test it has no expiration date.
Follow this link to access the test.
The study material is available at the same page or click on them here:
The Basic Operational Risk Management Course focuses on safety.  Every activity that you participate in may involve risks in one form or another.  In order to ensure safety of all activities, each one of us needs to make a conscious effort to identify and minimize those risks.  This is now a required course for everyone.
The test for this course can be accessed here:
The study material is available here: