24 and 72 hour pack list


Click here to download a copy of the 24 – 72 hour pack list


_ Complete BDU uniform (T)
_ BDU cap (T)

  • The BDU cap may be replaced by a hard hat or a bright colored cap based on mission needs.

_ Notepad (T)
_ Pencil (T)
_ All CAP Identification:

  • Membership card (T)
  • First Aid card (T)
  • 101 Card
  • 76 Card
  • ¨ Watch (T)

_ Vest, reflective, yellow  (T)
_ Comb or brush (T) – optional, carry if needed
_ Pocket knife or multi-tool (T)

  • Multi-tool should have can opener.
    Swiss Army, Leatherman, or Gerber Tools are recommended.

_ Handkerchief or tissues
_ Ground Team Member’s Handbook
_ Signal mirror
_ Whistle

  • 24 Hour pack; should be preferably red or orange.
  • Webbed gear, or other SAR/Survival Vest (T) is acceptable.

_ First Aid Kit: Stored in zip-lock bag or other waterproof container, recommended that it consists of the following:

  • Any personal medication (T)
    • Your team leader should know what you have and where you carry it.
  • 2 Antiseptic cleansing pads
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • 6 Band-Aids, various sizes
  • Moleskin, 2” X 4”
  • Roller bandage
  • 2 Safety pins, large
  • 4 gauze pads
  • 1 Triangular Bandage
  • Tape, first aid
  • Rubber surgical gloves
    • Two pair minimum

_ Survival Kit, stored in zip-lock bag or other waterproof container, consisting of:

  • 1 Chemical Light Stick, Green (T)
  • 12 wooden, waterproofed matches (T)
  • Match container, waterproof, with striking surface
  • 50’ of nylon line (Paracord or similar line).
  • Duct tape, 5-10 feet
    • Does not need to be a whole roll.
  • Large leaf bag or garbage bag

_ SAR Equipment stored in zip-lock bags, consisting of:

  • Change of socks (T)
  • Spare flashlight (Penlight will do) (T)
  • Tissue Paper (T)
  • Work Gloves, leather (T)
  • Change for phone calls,
    • Or cell phone (T)
    • To call mission base
  • Flagging tape, 1 roll
  • Flashlight (With red or blue lens),
  • Spare bulb
  • Spare batteries
  • Insect repellent
  • Lip balm, with sunscreen.
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Interviewing Form(s), blank
  • 4 Moist towelettes, clean, in foil wrapper

_ 2 meals (T)
_ Poncho, (T)
_ Shelter Material, preferably 8’ X 10’

  • Spare military poncho meets the need

_ Coat for current weather,

  • Only if necessary (In pack if not wearing it)(T)

_ Canteen(s) to carry 2 quarts of water

  • All personnel must carry at least one quart of water (T).

_ Compass: Lensatic or orienteering (Orienteering preferred)

  • Compass pouch
  • Compass should have a “glow in the dark” dial.




  • A backpack (preferably with frame) should contain all that is in the 24 hour pack, with the addition of the following:

_ Tent (T)

  • Optional, if you are sharing a tent with someone else who is carrying it

_ Sleeping bag or bedroll appropriate to climate (T)
_ Bag, waterproof (T):

  • Spare uniform,
  • Underwear and socks, 3 changes (T)

_ 5 meals (T)
_ Toiletry kit that should contain:

  • Toothbrush and paste (T)
  • Shaving Kit (if you shave) (T)
  • Deodorant (T)
  • Washcloth and soap (T)
  • Towel (T)

_ Sleeping pad, foam or inflatable.
_ Spare rank and CAP cutouts (For cadets)
_ 2 large leaf bags
_ Spare boot laces
_ Sewing kit with spare buttons
_ Shoe shine kit


_ Durable rainwear
_ Nylon webbing, 1” wide, 20’ long.
_ Handheld FM Transceiver

  • Highly recommended for Ground Team Leaders

_ Water purification tablets
_ Eye protection (Highly recommended)
_ Entrenching tool (Highly recommended for base gear)




LEADER’S EQUIPMENT  – Only required of Ground Team Leaders

_ Protractor for map work.
_ Map Case

  • – Large Zip-Loc bags can be used if necessary

_ Pencil with eraser
_ Fine tip alcohol pens, at least 2 colors

  • – Neither should be the color of your colored flashlight lens

_ Some way to erase alcohol pen marks on the map case, such as alcohol swabs or a special alcohol pen eraser.
_ A straightedge ruler, at least 6” long

  • – Some protractors may have a ruler as well

_ Ground Team Leader Handbook





_ Complete uniform appropriate to the environment in which you will be working (T).
_ Notepad and pencil (T)
_ All CAP Identification:

  • First Aid Card, etc. (T)
  • 101 Card
  • 76 Card

_ Watch (T)
_ Vest, reflective, yellow (T)
_ Comb or brush (Optional, carry if needed) (T)
_ Ground and UDF Team Task Guide (T)
_ Change for phone calls, or cell phone (T)
_ One meal, or personal funds to purchase a meal during the mission if appropriate. (T)
_ Handkerchief or tissues
_ Flashlight (With red or blue lens)

  • Spare bulb
  • Spare batteries

_ Compass: Lensatic or orienteering (Orienteering preferred)

  • Compass Pouch
  • Compass should have a “glow in the dark” dial.

_ Protractor for map work.
_ Map Case (Large Zip-Loc bag can be used if necessary)
_ Pencil with eraser (Plus sharpener if not a mechanical pencil)
_ Fine tip alcohol pens, at least 2 colors
_ Neither should be the color of your colored flashlight lens
_ Eraser for alcohol pen marks

  • Alcohol swabs or a special alcohol pen eraser.

_ A straightedge ruler

  • – At least 6” long
  • – Some protractors may have a ruler as well