Update – OCS Cadets train local middle school Color Guard


Wilson Focus School’s new Color Guard team.

The Omaha Composite Squadron’s efforts to help establish a Color Guard at Wilson Focus School have far exceeded all our expectations.  The School now has a full-time Color Guard, along with the ceremonial items necessary to accomplish their duties.

Below are some photos of the training provided by members of the Omaha Composite Squadron, who volunteered their own time, during school hours, to help polish the final details with the students from Wilson Focus School.


For several Weeks, Cadets from the Omaha Composite Squadron helped train the Students in all aspects of Color Guard duties, formations, customs and courtesies.


Congratulations to Wilson Focus School for their support and dedication in fostering respect towards our nation’s Flag, and helping the youth to study and appreciate the rights as well as the duties of citizenship.

Color Guard prepares for their first ceremony.

Wilson Focus School Color guard presenting the colors at the team’s first official appearance

The color guard during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Note that the national flag does not dip.


Original – May 8th, 2016
Four cadets from the Omaha Composite squadron visited Wilson Focus School again last week to train students in Color Guard costumes and courtesies and the various techniques, formations and respects required when presenting the American Flag.

OCS Cadets demonstrating Color Guard formation

The Omaha Composite Squadron is proud to serve the local community and promote the activities that will help enhance students’ understanding of military customs and courtesies as well as the respect and etiquette required when handling our nation’s flag.

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