By 1stLt. Eric Perquin

This year’s summer day camp for local Cub Scouts was centered around the theme “Take Flight”. The organizers were in search of some knowledgeable personnel to assist and turned towards their local Civil Air Patrol unit for some assistance. Omaha Composite Squadron answered the call.

Local Cub Scouts enjoy a presentation on aviation and other CAP activities

1stLt Eric Perquin and C/Col Christopher Pineda arrived in front of a group of 30 enthusiastic young Cub Scouts. I didn’t take long to gain their undivided attention. A better group of well behaved young men would be hard to find. It was a real pleasure  working with them.

C/Col Pineda’s presentation on flight basics was a real hit. This part of the event generated some interesting feedback and some unforgettable questions.

C/Col Christopher Pineda shows Cub Scouts a picture board full of interesting CAP activities.

Listening to the answer to “how do you avoid trees when on auto pilot” was quite amusing, with a hearty response from the Scout Leaders. Picture boards of OCS Cadets performing different activities over the years. There is no doubt that many of them will be thinking Civil Air Patrol in years to come.

Afterwards, many of the Cub Scouts asked to pose for pictures with the CAP members.

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