OCS Cadets fly with Nebraska Air National Guard

View from the refueling pod: A B-52 Bomber approaches from the rear as the boom operator maneuvers the boom into position

On June 25th, 2015, the Omaha Composite Squadron traveled to the Nebraska Air National Guard’s 155th AirRefueling Wing in order to witness first hand how the Air National Guard participates in Air Force Missions on a daily basis.

Omaha Composite Squadron Cadets Pose in front of a KC-135 from the Nebraska ANG’s 155th Air Refueling Wing.


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Cadets arrived at the Lincoln ANG base at 1100 hours and were immediately directed to the briefing auditorium, where LtCol. Ray Romero briefed them on the day’s flight and specific details about the Nebraska Air National Guard’s mission.  After a brief speech by  an ANG recruiter about the benefits of  the National Guard versus the Active Air Force when deciding to attend college, everyone received a briefing on the proper emergency egress and depressurization procedures.

Following a short snack break, everyone was led out to one of the KC-135s for the day’s mission.  This was to be a two aircraft formation, with one serving as the refueling ship and the other as a training and inspection flight for their crew.  The flight would take us from Lincoln, NE, Direct to St. Louis and into southern Illinois before turing back west across Missouri, where a B-52G from Barksdale AFB approached the Tanker and practiced coupling and decoupling from the boom for approximately 40 minutes.   Each cadet was able to access the station on either side of the boom operator, Staff Sgt. Luciana Jarzynka.

The GPS track of our refueling flight spanned four states in less than three hours.

The crew of the flight was instrumental in making sure that each one of the OCS passengers was able to enjoy and experience.   Four Cadet were given a chance to sit in the cockpit jump seats behind the flight crew – two of them during takeoff and two others during landing.

Members of the Omaha Composite Squadron pose for a photo after the flight.

This was the first time 70% of the cadets had participated in a KC-135 ride.  We hope this experience has left deep and unforgettable memories which will plant a deep sense of appreciation and respect for the work that service men and women in the military accomplish on a  daily basis.

The Omaha Composite squadron would like to express its appreciation to all the members of the Nebraska Air National Guard’s 155th Air Refueling Wing for their professionalism and  hospitality.  We are extremely proud of their service and to our State and Nation!

Photo Album:

2015 KC-135 Orientation Flight

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