OCS receives Quality Cadet Unit Award

The Omaha Composite Squadron – A nationally recognized Quality Cadet Unit.

The Omaha Composite Squadron has been recognized by the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters as a Quality Cadet Unit.  In order to be recognized for this milestone achievement, each unit is graded against the following criteria:

  • Adult Leadership
  • Aerospace AEX and STEM report
  • Cadet Achievements
  • DDR Participation
  • Encampment
  • Enrollment
  • Growth
  • Orientation Flights
  • Retention
  • CyberPatriot participation

OCS met 8 of the requirements as follows:

  • Adult Leadership: Unit has at least 3 TLC graduates on its roster.
  • Aerospace: Unit earned the Aerospace Excellence Award (AEX).
  • Unit sent in an after-action report on a STEM Kit during the school year for Rocketry activities.
  • Cadet Achievement: 41% of cadets on roster have attained the Wright Brothers Award.
  • Encampment: 51.2% of cadets on roster have completed encampment.
  • Enrollment: Unit had more than 35 cadets listed on its roster.
  • Orientation Flights: 63.4% of cadets on roster have participated in at least 1 flight.
  • Retention: Unit retained 42% of first year cadets (cadets that joined from 1 September 2013 through 31 August 2014).

Congratulations to the Omaha Composite Squadron!

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