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Droning On – Central Edition

The Federal Aviation Administration is expanding its outreach with in person events around the country, beginning with a three day drone event in our Central Region (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri). The event is entirely free and open to the public, taking place on the campus of University of Nebraska-Omaha, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May 12th to 14th. Some activities, opportunities, and target audiences are listed below:

Droning On: Central Edition will take place May 12-14, 2022 at the University of Nebraska – Omaha, from 9am-4pm each day. The event consists of 3 days of activities, and you will find some examples below:

  • Thursday, May 12: For Students
    • Universities and colleges with UAS programs
    • Companies/organizations that are looking for drone professionals
    • Tools for educators
  • Friday, May 13: For Careers
    • Public Safety Training
    • Local/Tribal Government best practices and resources
  • Saturday May 14: For Friends and Family
    • Drone Demos
    • TRUST Sessions
    • AAM