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OCS Hosts NE Wing Flight Clinic

The Omaha Composite Squadron hosted the January 2016 Nebraska Flight Clinic at the Chalco Hills Natural Resources District building.

In attendance were 25 pilots.  Everyone arrived by 8am and Lt.Col Dan Peterson, also an FAA Safety Team representative, took charge of the activities.   Everyone in attendance was encouraged to join the FAA Wings Safety Program, as this clinic can be used towards the advanced topics credit in the program.

Topics covered included:

  • Flight Rules & Regulations – CAPR 60-1 and FAR Parts 61 & 91
  • Flight Procedures – Terminal Area Procedures/Flight Planning & Flight Plans
  • Flight Operations – Checklists, WMIRS/OPS QUALS/Flight Release & Approved Flight, Mission Profiles
  • Safety – Operational Risk Management/Checkrides & Safety Trends, Crew Resource Management/Aircraft Pre & Postflight Inspections
  • Special Interest Items – VIRB Camera/FEMA Image Uploader

Maj. Christopher Schwartz leads the discussion on CAP Regulation 60-1 and the various FAA regulations regarding Currency and Requirements

The new mission flight profiles for FEMA Damage Assessment photography were discussed.  These new flight profiles and equipment were on hand for all to see.   Some flight training missions will be necessary to bring all pilots up to date on the setup and mounting of the equipment.   Slides for the Flight Clinic Are available Below:

Flight Clinic Agenda and WMIRS-OPS-QUAL Brief procedures

Flight Clinic Presentation

Garmin Virb & FEMA ImageUploader Slides

Garmin Virb & FEMA Manual

CAPR 60-1 & FAR part 61 and 91 Briefing 

The new Garmin Virb GPS enabled camera will be mounted on the right wing of CAP aircraft and controlled by the aircrew using an onboard tablet.

The New FEMA Damage Assessment Missions require Civil Air Patrol crews to fly specific profiles with the new equipment mounted and setup in a very specific configuration.

Omaha Composite Squadron – February Promotions

On Monday February 1st, 2016, several OCS Cadets were promoted, and for the first time ever, our Cadet of the Month point system resulted in a tie.   C/SrA Noach Hayward and C/SrA Chaim Hayward were both selected as Cadets of the month for the month of January.  Cadet Elizabeth Nelson received her promotion to Cadet First Lieutenant.

Congratulations to all our cadets and we look forward to your continued success and leadership.

C/SrA Noach Hayward

C/SrA Chaim Hayward

C/1stLt. Elizabeth Nelson

LtCol Robert McCartney offers a few congratulatory remarks to C/1stlt Nelson

Cadet of the Month recipients (C/SrA N. Hayward and C/SrA C. Hayward) after achieving a virtual tie for attendance, exams, PT, Development and leadership.