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OCS Rocketry Program Takes Flight

OCS Cadets receive instruction on assembling their model rockets during the Titan phase of the Civil Air Patrol Rocketry Program.

One of the Omaha Composite Squadron’s goals for the year 2014 is to obtain the Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) award.  the AEX program involves hands-on aviation and space related activities which the cadets can take advantage of and earn credits towards their AEX certificate as well as earn National Recognition for their squadron.  The requirements are simple: complete six aerospace activities and one two-hour or longer field experience (space day, trip to the airport or museum, etc.).   

OCS was fortunate enough to receive a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grant which included model rocketry equipment to be used for Aerospace Education.  24 Alpha rocket kits like the ones shown above were included in the STEM grant as well as all the supporting launch equipment.

OCS Cadets received classroom training and tested on rocketry History and Theory as well as instruction on building the model rockets which would be used on a specific target launch date.

On September 15, 2014, the Omaha Composite squadron traveled to Camp Ashland, where the squadron received permission to launch the finished rocket models.  Two group launches were held.  One half of the cadets traveled to the launch area while the other half remained 500 ft. away with altitude trackers in order to record the altitude of the first group launch, and then switched roles for the second launch.

An Alpha rocket built by C/A1C Marquez rises from the launch pad at Camp Ashland.

Rocket launches continued to light up the sky until sunset.

Cadets were able to witness first-hand the results of their hard work and put into practice the various lessons learned as their rockets launched successfully  and floated back to Earth with their parachutes deployed (in most cases).

The success of the Rocketry program could not have been accomplished without the direct and continuous involvement of 2d Lt Eric M. Perquin.  Thank you very much for your dedication and support!